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When it comes to your next project, it doesn't matter if you want just the materials or you want your building built, plumbed, wired and a concrete floor poured we have you covered in our buildings. Call Dave Nelson at 608-751-9241 for a detailed bid and free consultation. 

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    Pole Barns Wisconsin is a site dedicated to Above the Peak Construction llc's pole barn and pole buildings construction specialty. When we began building Wisconsin pole barns we knew we were going to heading down a totally new direction with what was our mainly roofing oriented business. We build our pole buildings and pole barns year round no winter weather will stop our valued customers needs from being satisfied to the fullest. 
We are a company born in Wisconsin with a real knack for quality pole building construction. We are aimed at having our pole barns and pole buildings to be the best in the industry. Metal buildings are another product that we can build to satisfy your requirements for more covered space so your investments are protected. We however do believe that wood structures will out perform steel only structures in the area of material costs, install cost and fire safety.  Whether your farm, plane, tools, toys or all of them at once need protection from the elements our quality pole barns and well built pole buildings will satisfy your needs. Wisconsin is where we started our pole barn mission the whole of the Midwest is where we extend our knowledge and helping hand. Pole Barns Wisconsin .com & Above the Peak Construction .com is the only company for your home improvement, new construction,  building experts you can count on..
This is a pole barn house aka residential pole building, and this post frame method can result in reduced costs overall. Wisconsin's now begining to accept metal roofs as more of a better option than ever before.

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